Uphill Access Remains Closed At This Time

From Hugh’s blog at Smuggs.com

It’s easy to forget just what the hard work of our mountain operations staff amounts to. Here’s a bit of insight: 

Over the past few days, Mother Nature has covered our beloved mountains in a thin blanket of snow. While this may look great from the valleys, what that actually amounts to on the mountain so early in the season is a whole different story. You don’t become the #1 Resort in the East for Terrain with trails that melt down to mellow, grassy meanders in the summertime. Sterling and Madonna Mountains are rocky and steep without the dense base of 30+ inches our snowmakers bless us with. And that snow they blow all over our mountains? For days, those snow ”whales” sit to drain as piles of hard, white landscape, until our grooming staff put in tireless hours of pushing and leveling, tilling and resurfacing. These crews work around the clock through holidays, nights, and weekends, to provide what we love so much to slide upon. 

So, we’re asking you to please give them a chance to work. Let them run their machines without worrying about someone getting hurt so that they can provide just what we need to get this mountain open for your enjoyment. Once there’s enough snow to open uphill access reasonably safely, we’ll get the word out on the snow report. Until then, please stay off the mountain.

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