It’s Beginning to Look Like Ski Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Ski Season. With an overnight low here last night of 13° and some snowfall overnight, things are looking a lot more seasonable.

We meet on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in the Oak Room (map at this link)

Susan Larson has been hard at work peppering the press with information about the club, and we got a nice write up in the local News & Citizen, so I am expecting more new faces this week. Please welcome them.

If you do visit the resort, do post a comment and photos, if you have them, to the club’s Facebook Page. Ted McKnight got in six runs and plenty of fun. The Holloways also joined what may have to become the club’s DieHard subgroup. The resort is always in better shape than I expect when I look out of my kitchen window.

Last Wednesday I did go up to the resort  just in case some folks showed up. Eric Higley came by, as did Liam McKone. Both are keen to get in some short walks on the off-days. We will be gathering at the upper parking lot on West Farm Road to walk a mile or so to stretch our legs and get better acquainted. Join us on Friday the 13th at 10 a.m. if you are so inclined (what could possibly go wrong??).

Some of you may remember Jud Lawrie. He came by last Wednesday, and we spent a fair amount of time talking about Third Act. Third Act was founded by Bill McKibben to be a grass roots pressure group comprised of mostly older Americans working to promote action on climate change. He strongly encourages anyone who is interested in getting involved to look at their Vermont and National websites for more information on what they are up to. You can reach Jud at

See you Wednesday.
Bring you badges!

Liam Kearney, President, Smuggs 55+ Club

Image: Sun through the snow-covered trees on Sterling Mountain’s Treasure Run, January 2023. Photo by Susan Larson.

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