Bye Week


This is Smuggs Presidents’ Day vacation week. We do not meet this week, but…

… don’t let that stop you from skiing. The Members directory is at this link, so if you are stuck for a skiing buddy’s contact info, it may be there. (Only consenting members are listed, and you may be prompted to request access which I will take care of). You could also announce on the Facebook Page where you expect to be and when and see who shows up. Or just keep your eye open for our badges. You do have a badge, right? Perhaps folks will just gather at the Morse Mountain Gazebo, or Parking lot 1 at 9:30 on Wednesday. Just sayin’.

Saint Patrick’s Day shenanigans

Arrangements are afoot for a pot-luck at the Yurt on Wednesday the 15th of March before Saint Pat’s on Friday the 17th. Emails are flowing thick and fast. Liam McKone is being very tight lipped about whether the Lucky Pot resides at the end of a rainbow. Beware the Ides of March and all that. Details to follow.

End Of Season Banquet

Your board is beginning to think about our 31st end of season banquet. I will contact Peter Brown regarding the date shortly.

  • We are seeking ignominious tales of this season’s tales of derring-do, pratfalls, incidents that some might rather keep under wraps and any other rumors or alternate truths for the Ski-Tip Awards.
    Tip off one of your board members and the facts will be kept in the strictest confidence, until they are inexplicably leaked and celebrated at the banquet. 
  • We are also compiling this year’s list of inductees into the Order Of The Titanium, those folks who have joints replaced in the last  year. Again, tip-offs appreciated.
  • We will certainly be reviving the Order of Long Johns, having been egregiously overlooked last year.

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