End of 2022 – 2023 Ski Season


Our weekly Wednesday meetings are done for the year. There seems to be some season left over at the end of the coffee-and-cake budget so let me suggest that we meet to ski at the yurt at 9:00, 10:00 and noon on Wednesday. Take your pick and see who shows up. If you want to let others that you will be there, post that on our Facebook Page.

There is plenty of snow on the mountain, and the groomers work miracles with what they have. The lifts and snow report is at this link. Smuggs are showing a closing date of Sunday, April 9th.  

The “Banquet” went off pretty well. We will have to change it to a “Party” next year. One of our members who scored a raffle win asked for the contact of the donor so she could write a note of thanks to them. That seems like a pretty nice idea to me. If you want to follow suit and need contact information just ask me.

I have added a few banquet pictures to the web page gallery at this link. I’ll add any you wish to share.

We’ll get the bike rides, walks, Barbecue  etc organized starting after mud season.

  • The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail celebration is scheduled for May 27th in St Albans.
  • The Strawberries With A View and Potluck is scheduled for June 28th  at Noon at Deborah & Ruthanne’s

A pretty good season eh?

It is snowing lightly as I write!

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